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Advocating For The Voices Of Our Pacific People & Communities

Our Purpose And Impact

PICSA is a not-for-profit incorporat​ed association, managed by volunteers, who are members of the Pacific Island communites of South Australia. PICSA's focus is to equip and empower the local Pacific Islands diaspora of South Australia to become prosperous and successful communities, that fully participate as​ Australians

Our Mission

As the peak body of the Pacific Islands communities of South Australia, the Pacific Islands Council of South Australia Inc. aims to unite, equip and empower its members ​to grow ​and develop to become prosperous and successful communities that fully participate as Australians

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What We Do

Advocacy and Representation

  • Voice of South Australian Pacific Islanders to State and Federal government. 

  • Fostering community cohesive initiatives.

Capacity Building

  • Community capacity building.

  • Development of collaborative relationships with communities (NGO's) outside of Pacific Islands Communities.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Partnership with NGO, Corporate, Federal, and State Government.

Social Impact And Enterprise

  • Advocacy Role.

  • Social enterprise.

Upcoming Events

No events at the moment

Meet Our Teams

Meet the powerhouse behind PICSA—our dedicated management team and inspiring community leaders. Together, they steer us toward empowering the South Australian Pacific Islander diaspora. Our dynamic management team, is a blend of visionaries and experienced leaders, ensuring effective governance and strategic planning. Our committed community leaders champion unity, cultural preservation, and community-driven initiatives, reflecting the collective strength and aspirations of the vibrant Pacific Islands communities in South Australia.

Management Team

Community Leaders

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