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Get to know the driving force behind PICSA—our passionate management team and the influential community leaders who help to shape our community. Together, they guide us in empowering the Pacific Islander community in South Australia. Our vibrant management team comprises visionaries and seasoned leaders, guaranteeing adept governance and strategic planning. Committed community leaders advocate for unity, cultural preservation, and community-driven initiatives, embodying the collective strength and aspirations of the dynamic Pacific Islands communities in South Australia. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, our team strives to foster an inclusive environment that celebrates the rich diversity of Pacific Islander cultures, ensuring a brighter and more connected future for all.

PICSA President's Message

Tukini Tavui  President  of Pacific Islands Council of South

Tukini Tavui


Pacific Islands Council of South Australia

I am honoured to have been afforded the privilege of serving as the President of the Pacific Islands Council of South Australia (PICSA) since its conception in 2016. In early 2001, a similar organisation operating under the name ‘Pacific Islands Association of South Australia’ (PIASA) was established, and operated for approximately 3 years before it folded at the end of 2003. However, this was not the first official gathering of Pacific Islanders in South Australia. The first Pacific Islands association was established in 1967 by the late, former missionary to Fiji, Rev Telfer. The Pacific Islands Community at the time, were strengthened by the arrival of a number of teachers from the Pacific Islands who were in Adelaide to further their studies. PICSA was created several years later, as a result of the Pacific Islands Communities in South Australia uniting together to provide assistance to the people of Vanuatu, who were impacted by the devastation of Cyclone PAM in March 2016. During this initiative many communities could see the potential of a united pacific islands approach, and from that date the Pacific Island Community representative body was redeveloped. PICSA’s vision is to build a ‘thriving, vibrant and harmonious Pacific Islands community of South Australia. It is underpinned by its mission statement, which is ‘to unite, equip and empower its community members to grow and develop to be prosperous and become successful communities that fully participate as Australians’ PICSA has worked hard over the last three years in developing its capacity to build a sound vibrant organisation. PICSA has approximately 24 affiliated organisations from cultural, religious, media, sports and academic. PICSA has become an integral part of the Pacific Islands community inclusive of the wider South Australian community. I join a team of enthusiastic, committed and passionate individuals on the executive Management board, who bring with them a diverse range of skills and experience. I am highly optimistic and excited with the opportunities that are evolving for the Pacific Islands communities in South Australia. PICSA is continuing to grow from strength to strength, as a result of the ongoing support and assistance from sponsors, member organisations, affiliates, and of course a brilliant team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who make up the management. With your support, I look forward to a brighter and prosperous future.

Vinaka Vakalevu

PICSA Board Members

PICSA Management Team

Management Team

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